Test Results

Unlike interior surfaces, roof coatings are subjected to daily harsh environmental conditions. Tremco’s OneSeal has been formulated to perform in this environment, and has been tested under extreme conditions to protect your building’s most precious asset. Below are a few examples of how the product stood-up to its closest competitors.


ASTM B117 Salt Spray is an extreme test of how well a coating resists corrosion.  The rooftop is an extremely harsh corrosion environment due to the atmospheric fluids and particulate that accumulate, where harsh UV and constant thermal cycling serve as accelerants.  Competitive products on non-rooftops may meet the needed performance requirements.  But on the rooftop the performance of OneSeal Roof Sealer is needed as you see in the above picture.  After 1200 hours of testing, OneSeal Roof Sealer is still doing the job.  The competitive product has ceased to perform.



TPO is an extremely difficult rooftop to adhere to.  Often the only method of patch & repair is to heat-weld new TPO directly to the area.  Now OneSeal gives you a better way: treat the TPO area with OneSeal Clean & Prime, then complete the repair by spraying on OneSeal Roof Sealer (embedding the companion BURmesh where needed for extra strength).  The above picture demonstrates the superior repair result, where the adhesion performance is so high that in the pull test the mesh rips out leaving OneSeal Roof Sealer still adhered.  Even more impressive, the green color on the mesh is torn off the mesh and remains embedded in the OneSeal Roof Sealer material.